The Best Music of 2012 (in no particular order)

 1.    Blunderbuss- Jack White Jack White’s first solo album was more than just successful, it is essential and I find myself coming back to it time and time again. It’s everything a rock/folk/country album should be: easy listening, profound lyrics that make you think, catchy guitar riffs, melodious depth and character. I feel like I know this guy when I listen to this album and I can relate. Jack White doesn’t have to give interviews about his personal life, just listen to the lyrics on this album and you’ll gain a better understanding of the man living in a beautiful yet twisted blunderbuss. His lyrics are dark, yet playful and meaningful; characteristics that embody Jack White at his core. He is quoted as saying, “I’ve put off making records under my own name for a long time but these songs feel like they could only be presented under my name. These songs were written from scratch, had nothing to do with anyone or anything else but my own expression, my own colors on my own canvas.” The songs are superficially lighthearted but when you dedicate yourself to sitting down and giving the album your undivided attention, you realize this is no fairytale album. Jack White is showing you who he is: a romantic driven by emotion, passion, and turmoil. (Favorite Song: Hypocritical Kiss)


2.    Happy Body Music-Monkey Safari The first full-length album from the German duo is nothing short of brilliant. Their ability to transcend genres and create a dynamic dance album with such tropical flair and fun sounds is outrageously creative and truly inspiring. Effortlessly merging genres ranging from tech house and breaks to hip-hop and funk, the album is happy from beginning to end; the title says it all.  Warning to all future listeners: you will dance, this is some serious monkey business! (Favorite Song: Talking Mama)



3.    Popup Cinema- Tropics This smooth track is a baby maker. The sexy r-n-b vocals (kind of sound like Alicia Keyes?) are so sultry and feel like aural velvet running through my eardrums. And the lyrics? Are few but still heartbreaking in the best possible way. The emotion-filled song is just a taste of what to come from the radiant producer Chris Ward.


4.    Kindred EP-Burial I heard this EP and instantly purchased it. What a killer EP! Now here is a man that is making dubstep that flirts with ambient house—it’s an unbeatable combination when done correctly, and Burial has just raised the bar. The tracks say so little yet make you feel so much. The sparse vocals speak volumes and leave you mesmerized. The earthiness obtained in the sounds created on this EP is memorable and haunting. I feel grounded, yet in space at the same time.



5.    The Face EP- Disclosure The duo from Leeds UK are breakout stars of the year. They are singlehandedly changing the landscape of dance music, by creating this bass-heavy house music smeared with airy r-n-b vocals, whimsical soul and not to mention the occasional porn sample (Oh!). Their music appeals to not only the underground resistance but to the mainstreamers as well. They are providing a foundation to bridge the gap between these two groups and are doing one hell of a job. (Favorite song: What’s in Your Head)


6.    Paranoid Funk- Alex Niggemann 26 year-old Alex Niggemann wasn’t always making funky house music, the Berlin-based music producer used to be a classical pianist before he traversed a more technological path. For his debut album, Alex had one goal in mind: “to create an album which is different to typical club or listening albums…. where songs fit together (even when having different styles) without being too similar.”  Alex not only accomplished his goal but also created an album full of sounds that are edgy, sexy, and at times dark yet always funky and fresh. Paranoid Funk is an entertaining “funkoction” made up of seductive club bangers and contemplative tunes. Alex planned it this way; he wanted the album to reflect the social aspect of his music and its twofold function as a dance record and the soundtrack to everyday life. (Favorite Song: Sweetest Thing)



7.    Until the Quiet Comes- Flying Lotus Damn, does this man ever put out any BAD music? Not a chance and his latest release is bulletproof. With a collaborative effort from the likes of Thom Yorke, Erykah Badu, and others, Flylo has put together an album that gives direct insight to his colorful imagination. This album is just like a dream, someone pinch me…please?


8.    TNGHT- TNGHT This record is the first of its kind, where UK garage finally meets hip hop and conceives a child titled TNGHT. Hudson Mohawke and Lunice are the men behind this moniker and have the dancefloor credentials to make such a stunner. This album is the future of hip-hop in my opinion and this duo will be doing great things in the coming year—you can count on it.


9.    Get Free ft. Amber Coffman- Diplo Nominated for a Grammy in the category of best non-classical producer, Diplo has had one hell of a year. And amidst his booty-bumping remixes and collaborations is this gem of a song. Easily one of my favorite songs of the year, Get Free features the celestial vocals of Amber Coffman from the Dirty Projectors and eclectic beats that cater to a wide audience. Everyone I’ve played to this song becomes instantly addicted—it’s just that good.



10.                  Break it Yourself- Andrew Bird This is a romantic-filled album with a combination of Bird’s soothing vocals, his trademark violin-picking technique, guitar skills, glockenspiel and perfect-pitch whistling. His use of old instrumentation provides depth and soul to folk rock. This album is perfect for cold winter nights, rainy days with a loved one or even a picnic on a sunny day. To sum it up, it’s everything you have come to expect from this amazingly talented multi-instrumentalist.(Favorite Track: Give it Away)


11. KENDRICK LAMAR- Good kidd, m.A.A.d city

Easily gets my #1 hip-hop album of the year. Incredible story and poetic lyrics. The beats are incredible, produced by Dr. Dre, Just Blaze and Pharrell. Incredible and inspiring album with hits that will be played for a lifetime to come. Yes, it’s that good. 




Maya Jane Coles releases “Easier To Hide” EP


Maya Jane Coles has had one busy year. Over the course of the last 18 months, Maya has performed in over 30 countries, won multiple awards, had millions of YouTube views, a million plus spins on Soundcloud, gained more than a 100,000 Facebook fans, graced around a dozen magazine covers and even made it on to Resident Advisor’s top 10 best DJs of 2012. Amidst her busy schedule, she still manages to find time to release incredible music. Her latest release, “Easier to Hide” EP, is a diverse EP comprising of four original tracks all written, produced, played, vocalled, engineered and mixed by Maya. This EP is a teaser of what’s lies in store from her forthcoming debut album, scheduled for an early Spring 2013 release.


Title track “Easier To Hide” is taken from Maya’s coming debut album, and shows Maya’s innate ability to create catchy house music; the reverb-drenched guitar in ‘Over’ is different from the sparse, dub lament of “Back to Square One” whilst Maya ventures into deeper waters with “Run With The Wild”. This release serves only to further illustrate just how broad Maya’s musical palette is but with a sound and sensibility that are threads intricately woven through the package tying the work into one well-rounded release.  


The “Easier to Hide” EP also marks the first release from Maya Jane Coles own label, ‘I Am Me’ and his time around, for that extra personal touch, Maya’s also designed the artwork for the EP. 


Maya Jane Coles - ‘Easier to Hide’ EP will be released 7th December exclusively on Beatport // 16th December - iTunes and all other good download sites. Treat yourself to an early gift during the holidays—you deserve it!

Maya Jane Coles - ‘Easier To Hide’ EP


1. ‘Easier To Hide’

2. ‘Over’

3. ‘Run With The Wild’

4. ‘Back to Square One’ 

Haunted Days


The good folks at the Apothecary and SWAMPING have made my dreams come true by putting together some days shows during Moogfest. Friday and Saturday from 2 to 7pm there will be some awesome local bands invading the corner at 39 South Market Street.

Friday, October 26th
Chorus House
Alligator Indian
The Decent Lovers
Albert Adams

Saturday, October 27th
Thai Food Duo
The Charlotte Hornets
Date Night
Balloon Animal Farm


Thursday, Oct. 25
Asheville Music Hall hosts avant-pop act Two People Playing Music with opener Levek. The show is free and starts at 11 p.m. Which means you can head over post-Justice at the U.S. Cellular Center.

• Whether or not you’re holding a ticket to Moogfest, you can go to…

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Steve Bug set to release album Noir

Steve Bug, one of the world’s most renowned artists in the electronic music circuit, is set to release his fifth studio album and his most mature to date. Originally planned as a concept album about film noir, Steve found that idea too rigid and decided to use it more as the underlying inspiration like in the tracks“The Spiral Staircase,” “Somewhere in the Night” and “Seventh Victim.” Noir evokes a world of shady transactions and secret crimes, where the tracks emit a dark and moody atmosphere. Although the film noir concept isn’t carried through completely, it infuses the spirit of the record in a way reminiscent of the sci-fi obsession of Jeff Mills or Carl Craig. Tracks such as the pre-released single “Those Grooves” and “No Adjustments,” play in to a vision of an apocalyptic-dystopian disco with their evocative spoken word.

The material for the new album was created over a period of three years, which makes its consistency and coherence all the more impressive. Ghostly sounds conspire amidst relentless beats like in my favorite track “Serve Your Mistress” and although the album is driven by head-rushing beats, Noir is a listening album more than anything.

Steve Bug has crafted a rounded, dark, and sophisticated album that casts a shadow over most contemporary dance albums. Noir is worth more than a few listens—it is worth your undivided attention.

Steve Bug - “Noir” (Poker Flat Recordings)


01. Tell Me Why 

02. Poison Of Choice 

03. Serve Your Mistress 

04. No Adjustments feat. Foremost Poets 

05. The Spiral Staircase 

06. Moment Of Ease feat. Emilie Chick 

07. Those Grooves 

08. Somewhere In The Night 

09. Farewell Friend 

10. The Seventh Victim


Steve Bug ‘Noir’ is released 1st October 2012 on Poker Flat Recordings

Yousef set to release album “A Product Of Your Environment”

Recently electronic [house] artists have been releasing albums that are not only for the dance floor but also an easy listen full of intoxicating vocals that can be enjoyed from start to finish. Yousef’s new album, “A Product of Your Environment,” achieves this perfectly, as he has “paints a technicolour picture of a DJ long player” with what is being regarded as his finest work to date.


Each track soars beyond its club use and into a composition comprised of its own unique elements of personality. This album was inspired by his personal history and global travelling exploits yet he tips his hat at the melancholic and entrancing works of Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Prince. But not to worry, this album has just as many wild moments that remind you of after hours on the floor of Cocoon, Circo Loco, and Space.


This album is already receiving lots of acclaim from heavy hitters like Loco Dice, Magda, Carl Cox, and Nic Fanciuli to name a few. The project has allowed Yousef to “open up his collaborative instincts too, inviting some unknown but extremely talented musicians to perform.”


Each track has been produced, arranged, and mixed by Yousef, with collaborations coming from a variety of artists: Mercury Prize nominee Gwilyam Simcock, Chicago house legend Alexander East, one of the U.K.’s finest classical guitarists Neil Campbell and some unknowns like Tom Crew, whose vocals remind me of a modern day rock band like The Strokes or Interpol.  

The title of the album represents the meaning of Yousef’s work. It’s an expression of someone for whom dance music has been a career, but who looks to the outside world for focus. In a year where his personal life has reached an all time high, the project reflects experiences he has been through as well as the worldwide clubs he continues to rock—a true product of his environment.


1.Yousef with David Williams – An Old Friend

2.Yousef feat. Alexander East – Think Twice

3.Yousef – For The Terraces

4.Yousef feat. Tom Crew – Had No Sleep

5.Yousef feat. Chari Taft – I See

6.Yousef – What Is Revolution

7.Yousef with David Williams  - Indigo Child

8.Yousef - Unusual

9.Yousef - Beg

10.Yousef – Feel The Same Thing 

11.Yousef – In Fear Of Dusk

12.Yousef  with Gwilyam Simcock - Dissolve



Yousef - “A Product Of Your Environment” will be released 15th October 2012 through Circus Recordings




Joris Voorn and Nic Fanciulli b2b at the beatport stage at DEMF 2012



Joris Voorn and Nic Fanciulli b2b at the beatport stage at DEMF 2012

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Roland Clark, Andre Crom, Martin Dawson - Back To The Future Feat. Roland Clark …


12” and Download available at the Greco-Roman store:

P & C 2011 Greco-Roman Ltd

Sasha introduces new label, “Last Night on Earth”

Sasha’s label Last Night On Earth continues to go from strength to strength, from releasing a wide range of eclectic electronic music.

Along with releases from established artists, the label continues to build careers for upcoming talent. The next release from ThermalBear is an example of the young producers coming through. Dennis White aka ThermalBear was chosen by Sasha as someone who stood out from the crowd with his classical take on modern electronic dance music.

His single ‘U Love’ featuring vocals from Maiday is an expertly crafted piece of electronic brilliance. The track, with its cleverly programmed drums and haunting synths, captures the listener and is sure to be one of those tracks that plays over and over in your head.

Sasha provides a deeper take on the original with his remix. Transforming ‘U Love’ into a sound that Sasha does better than anyone and in the way we have all admired and loved over the years.